My Life as of July 2022

General Update

Welcome back, y’all! 2022 has been a lot so far, hasn’t it?

In the past six months, I received my official autism diagnosis, which happened a lot more quickly than I’d expected. My intestines then decided to become extremely slow, which is an ongoing problem, and my insomnia also got worse. Part of why the insomnia worsened is that I’m this close to finishing my first draft of #SnowQueenStory! It’ll be a big win once I achieve that because it’s my first new novel since my chronic illness crisis.

Results are mixed for my other 2022 resolutions thus far. *insert shrug here* With COVID-19 still raging, I try to avoid indoors, unmasked events. I did go to Pride (outdoors) for the first time, though, which was nice!

Recommended Stuff


Don’t forget that I’m always updating my list of book recommendations here!


(I’ve started switching between streaming platforms month-to-month to keep up with the shows people recommend.)

How have the past six months been for you?

As of last month, I finished reposting all the content from my old blog that I wanted to move over here, which means that I don’t know for sure when I’ll post next. I don’t want to add clutter to your lives with unnecessary content. Something might come up that I think is worth me writing a full blog post about, but if not, I’m available on social media, and I’ll return for my next six-month update in January!

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Published by Kira Thurgood

I write novels for disabled teens who have starlit eyes and human hearts. ✨💜 I myself am a tired autistic bursting with noisy thoughts and feelings. I work online as a freelance editor and live in New Mexico amidst a family made of five people and five cats.

2 thoughts on “My Life as of July 2022

  1. Hello, dear Kira!

    Bless you for holding down the fort at home while your parents are up here!

    I noticed that it is your moms birthday this Friday. I want to do something for her but have no idea what.

    Any suggestions?

    food? Gifts? Experiences?




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  2. Ooops!

    Wrong cindy! I knew your moms birthday was in October.


    Forget I ever said anything.

    An embarrassed me

    Sent from my iPhone


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