About Me

Kira Thurgood writes novels for disabled teens who have starlit eyes and human hearts. She herself is a tired autistic bursting with noisy thoughts and feelings. She works online as a freelance editor and lives in New Mexico amidst a family made of five people and five cats.


Email: kirathurgood@gmail.com

Note to Organizers: Because of her disabilities, Kira cannot attend most events outside of northern New Mexico. However, she is open to virtual appearances!

Social Media: Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

Photo of me


Pencil sketch of me

Name: Kira Nicole Thurgood (“Sunlight over the People’s Victory through Thunder and Inspired Frenzy”)

Age/Birthday: 28 years old, April 2nd

Gender: Female

Race/Ethnicity: White with English and Danish ancestry

Religion: Universal Unitarian with Mormon roots

Orientations: Demisexual and biromantic

Location: New Mexico, U.S.A.

Education: Bachelor’s of Arts in English earned in 2016

Career: Freelance editor, seeking publication as a YA speculative fiction novelist

Interests: Anything human-related: stories, art, history, medicine, psychology, sociology, religion

Descriptive Adjectives: Determined, empathetic, devoted, intelligent, introverted, romantic, head-in-the-stars, global-thinking, rule-following, growth-motivated

Other: Proudly autistic with multiple chronic illnesses that cause serious pain and fatigue