Books I Recommend

As a voracious reader, especially of YA literature, I have many favorites to recommend! 💜 The linked lists constitute all the books I’ve enjoyed most within the past five years. For each entry, I’ve listed the title, the author, and my short blurb of the story.

(Some entries have been removed due to the harmful behavior of the respective authors.)

2023 New Additions

JANUARY 2023: The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: This fun and engaging teen thriller trilogy is KNIVES OUT in a puzzle mansion riddled with mysteries, but with a strong focus on the intricate dramas of family.

JANUARY 2023: The Honeys by Ryan La Sala: This summer camp teen horror novel with a genderfluid main character presents an unsettling, bee-soaked examination of strict binaries, toxic masculinity, and capitalistic exploitation.

JANUARY 2023: Belladonna by Adalyn Grace: This fairytale-edged beginning to a YA gothic mystery series, with its intriguing and fantastical love interests, dances beyond societal bounds.