My Novels

I write YA speculative fiction about disabled people, meaning that my books are for teens and they include magic, monsters, spaceships, and other such things suitable for someone with their head in the stars. They also feature people with medical differences like mental and chronic illnesses.

I have not yet had any of my books published. Currently, I have one novel in the writing process (#SnowQueenStory), one novel in the editing process (#OCDStory), and many more ideas in the queue. This, of course, is subject to change at any time. I look forward to one day getting to share these stories with you!

A collage of pictures: white teen girl with curly ginger hair, orange lightning, drawing of a brain with multicolored text over it, an Asian teen girl, a woman made of grey smoke screaming, a violin, a Soft Autumn palette, a Latina teen girl, a St. Dymphna silver necklace, a drawing of a volcano-like woman, sharp silver fingernails, a man in a confessional, "Silence Is Not Consent", a red car speedometer, a white teen boy with black hair, a glowing red and orange eye, a small rosary diagram
#OCDStory Moodboard
Collage of pictures: A snow lady-creature with a town inside her cloak, a white teen guy with brown hair and freckles, a diagram of a child with a leg length difference, a plate with a painting of a cottage surrounded by a garden on it, a white teen girl with long brown hair and freckles, green trees around a river, a pencil drawing of a single eye with a tear, a northern African teen guy, a golden wooden cane with flowers carved into it, a stone wall with a white rose vine growing over it, a strange flower woman-creature, an Asian teen girl, a prim-looking old white woman, a drawing of a crow with blue flowers, a black-and-white image of a white teen girl with wavy blond hair, an ice room with chairs all made of ice, a snow woman-creature, a reindeer, a white teen girl with brown hair looking up at herbs drying hanging over her head, a broken mirror
#SnowQueenStory Moodboard