The A-Z Guide to Being a Novelist

I originally shared this on my old blog in October 2014, though some updates have been made. I have enough years of experience now to have quite a bit of knowledge about novel-writing. The most important advice I can offer is that you should do whatever works best for you! In case you want aContinue reading “The A-Z Guide to Being a Novelist”

The Publishing Process

I originally published this in September 2012 on my old blog. Today’s post provides an overview of the traditional novel publishing process for anyone who wants to brush up on the basics! Authors may deviate from this path in a variety of ways, but this is the standard journey. Write a novel. Contrary to popularContinue reading “The Publishing Process”

Tips for Dealing with Writer’s Block

I originally shared this on my old blog in March 2019. When I first started writing as a child, I didn’t believe that writer’s block was real. Since then, I’ve had many years to learn otherwise! Of the many books I’ve written, the most difficult has been the now-trunked book I wrote just before myContinue reading “Tips for Dealing with Writer’s Block”

The Realization That Transformed My Writing

I originally shared this on my old blog in November 2019. Over the years, as I’ve developed as a writer, I’ve had many moments where I realized that everything I had written so far was just not original enough. I’d write a bunch of manuscripts, try to get an agent with one of them, failContinue reading “The Realization That Transformed My Writing”